1969. Hot Tuna is born in Australia. The product of a diehard Aussie surfer's vision and his fashion designer wife's talent.

Hot Tuna grows up in Australia, moves on to California and fast spreads across the world on the backs, bums and boards of surfers.

In the 80s, the Hot Tuna piranha logo becomes a powerful motif for the decade.

Along the way, the brand achieves cult status and is taken up by numerous notable names, including pro surfers Richie Lovett, Robbie Page, Beau Emerton and Drew Courtney.

In the 2000s, the brand drives further into the US and UK markets.

2006, supermodel Elle Macpherson becomes a brand ambassador and executive director.

In 2011, Hot Tuna enters the IBML stable.

You are part of the future for Hot Tuna.

Hot Tuna has enjoyed over three decades of success around the world.

The brand has achieved a cult following and continues to attract customers to its surf lifestyle image.

Now, with the power of IBML behind the brand, we are serious about developing the brand, pushing industry standards and achieving even greater levels of success.

World domination? We think so!

If you would like more information on becoming a Hot Tuna licensee please contact IBML at info@ibml.co.uk

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New York

183 Madison Avenue
Suite 1701,
New York,
10016 USA
T: +1(212) 239-0990


4th floor,
120 New Cavendish St,
T: +44(0)845 1299 288
E: info@ibml.co.uk

Hong Kong

Room 1211-1212,
12/F, Tower 2 Silvercord,
30 Canton Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui,
Hong Kong


11th Floor,
Genzon Times Sq,
Longgan Central,
Business District,
China 518116

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